Molecules and Its Motion

Are the molecules of all substances in motion?

          Every substance is made up of very small particles called molecules. A molecule is the smallest particle of matter that exists independently. It exhibits all the properties of that substance.

          For example, a molecule of sugar exhibits all the properties of sugar. Molecules of different substances differ in size. Some are only few billionths of centimeters in size while some molecules are a thousand times larger.

          Even though a tiny piece of matter contains a very large number of molecules, there are vast empty spaces in between them. Molecules of matter are constantly in random motion. As the temperature increases, the motion of the molecules also increases. The hotter the substance, the faster the motion of the molecules. Molecules of gases move very fast in comparison to the molecules of liquids and solids. Even the molecules of ice are in motion.

          The reason of attraction between the molecules, which binds them together. If this force did not exist, the molecules of matter will scatter in all directions.

          When the molecules of a solid are heated, their speed increases and the force of attraction between them decreases. If the heating continues, the speed of the molecules will increases and a solid will change in to a liquid and finally, into a gas. The molecules of solids are very closely packed; the molecules in liquids are less closely packed while those of gases are quite widely speeded.


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