Why are the leaves green in colour?

The young leaves are light red in colour and they change into green colour after few days. Why? When anything absorbs or reflects the colours of the sunlight, it gets its colour.

Chlorophyll and carotene are the two pigments present in leaves. The leaves look green due to chlorophyll and yellow due to carotene. The colour of the leaf changes according to the ratio of these two substances (pigments). Very young leaves have red colored pigment called anthocinin, thus, they look red. In due time, chlorophyll and carotene are produced and then the colour of the leaf is changed. When sunlight falls on the leaves, except green colour (from 7 VIBGYOR colours) all the other six colours are absorbed and green is reflected. Thus, we can see leaves in green colour. Leaves without chlorophyll cannot prepare food on their own.

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