Photosynthesis as a Process

We can't see anything without light. It is a form of energy. Plants use this energy to prepare food by utilizing other factors necessary.

We often feel that the water we pour to the plants is the source of food for them. But water is one of the factors of photosynthesis.

The nutrient chemicals in the water are transformed to carbohydrates with the help of chlorophyll in the leaves. The water from the land is sucked (absorbed) and transported to all parts of the plant through the stem, by the roots.

Leaves absorb CO2 from the environment, with the help of sunlight; they split CO2 to carbon and oxygen. They combine nutrients with carbon to prepare carbohydrates.
Even though a plant has green leaves, nutrients, CO2 it can't prepare food in the absence of any other factor also (like CO2, chlorophyll, water).

It is estimated that approximately 150-200 tons of carbon element is used by the leaves every year during photosynthesis.

Whatever may be the food item (rice, pulses, vegetables, fruits, nuts etc.,) we use in food (which come from plants) is prepared by photosynthesis.

Thus leaves are considered as food factories of the plant.

Photochemical Reaction

Living forms have some basic processes which help in the survival and perpetuation of race called life processes. Photosynthesis one of it where green plants synthesis carbohydrates utilizing external factors like sunlight and CO2 and internal factors like water and chloroplasts, in leaves which are the main sites of photosynthesis. Oxygen is liberated in this process, which makes our living possible.

Roger Bacon, known as the founder of experimental science said "Doing experiments for your self is the way to learn about nature". Trying to experiment whenever, you can, helps a lot in enhancing your scientific attitude.

Set your mind and let yourself enter into the world of Biology to learn more, to attain long term retention so that you can gain success.
Photosynthesis is a photo-chemical reaction where plants utilize Sunlight, CO2, Chloroplasts, Water, Enzymes, Mineral and Salts etc., to prepare their own food (Carbohydrates).