The rules to be followed while giving FIRST AID

The following rules and principles are necessary for success in first aid and to save the victim from danger.
1. Organize the activities in orderly fashion without panic and confusion.
2. Firstly, treat for breathing. Every second is important for the survival of the victim.
3. If the victim is bleeding, immediately make efforts to stop it.
4. Treat for the shock by moving the victim as little as possible and handling gently.
5. Do first aid as much as required to prevent the deterioration of the condition.
6. Do not allow people to crowd around the victim. Allow fresh air to the victim.
7. Do not create fear in the victim or people around him. Assure him that he is in safe hands and medical help will be coming soon.
8. Do not move or remove clothes from the victim unnecessarily.
9. See that proper medical help is available to the victim at the earliest by sending message to a doctor or to an ambulance.

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