The different types of Fractures seen in the Limbs of a Person

The term fracture is used to indicate that the bone is broken due to an accident. Fractures can occur in any part of the body, but usually they occur in the limbs. The following are the different types of fractures.

1. Simple fracture: This is also called closed fracture. Only the bone is broken and there will not be wounds at the site of fracture. The bone may be broken completely or partially.

2. Compound fracture: This is called open fracture. Along with the fracture of the bone, wound is also seen at the site of the fracture. One or both the broken ends of the bone pierce through the skin and protrude out. This may damage the surface tissue and cause bleeding.

3. Complicated fracture: This type of fracture is associated with damages to important internal organs such as liver, brain, intestines, spleen and major blood vessels.

4. Communicated fracture: In this type, bone is broken at several places.

5. Impact fracture: The broken ends of fractured bone driven into another.

6. Green stick fracture: The bone bends but does not break. This is usually seen in children.

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