Quiz on Dynamics

Test Your Knowledge
This is a test of your knowledge. You’ll find the answers at the end of the quiz.
Fill in the blanks.
1. Newton's laws are valid in --- frame of reference.
2. --- force is a pull on the body towards the centre of the circle.
3. Circular motion is a special case of ---- motion.
4. In a uniform circular motion --- is constant.
5. Centrifugal force means ---- force
6. Centre seeking force is called ---
7. If the string of Whirling stone is cut, the stone moves in ---- direction.
8. Satellite communications use --- waves
9. Centripetal acceleration, a = ----
10. The angle subtended by an arc of unit length on a circle of unit radius is called ---
11. In SHM, the acceleration of the particle is directly proportional to ---
12. A body executing oscillatory motion comes to rest at ----
13. Periodic motion is also called as ---
14. If a particle in periodic motion moves back and forth over the same path, its motion is called ----.

1) inertial         
2) Centripetal           
3) Rotatory         
4) Angular Velocity        
5) Fictitious
6) Centripetal force    
7) Straight line or tangential to the circle     
8) Microwaves  
9) a =  v2/r
10)  a radian            
11)  Its displacement                
12) The equilibrium position
13) Harmonic motion                       
14)  Oscillatory or Vibratory motion.

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