Centrifuge and Laundry Drier

1. A centrifuge is a machine used to separate particles of higher mass from those of lower mass in a given mixture.
2. A centrifuge consists of a cylindrical vessel rotated about its own axis at high speed with the help of an electric motor.
3. When milk is poured into the cylindrical vessel of the centrifuge and rotated with high speed, the particles of higher mass (skimmed milk) are thrown away from the centre due to greater centrifugal force and lower-mass cream particles collect at the centre, that is, near the axle.

Laundry Drier:
1. The wet clothes are dropped into a cylindrical vessel containing holes.
2. When the vessel is rotated, the wet clothes get struck to the walls of the vessel.
3. The centrifugal force pushes the water molecules out from the clothes through the holes.
4. In this way the clothes are dried.

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