Shock Waves

Shock waves is a wave of high pressure that forms in a gas or liquid as an object moves through it at or above the speed of sound or as the gas or liquid flows around the object. The shock waves are also called pressure waves and they move away from the object at the speed of sound. These waves contain high energy and are very dangerous. They are produced during cloud thunders, eruption of volcanoes and in lightening. Every year shock waves cause a big loss to many live and property.

 Shock Waves in Supersonic airplane
A shock wave is created in air when a super sonic airplane flies overhead at the speed of sound or faster. When the wave reaches the ground, a sonic boom is heard as the waves strikes the ears. A sonic boom can shatter the window panes.

 Shock Waves in Supersonic airplane
Explosions also produce powerful shock waves which can damage constructions up to several kms. Shock waves can also be produced by the high speed of the bullet of a gun. When the speed of a motor boat in water becomes very high, shock waves are created on the surface of water. Earthquakes also cause shock waves. Explosions of atom and hydrogen bombs create very powerful shock waves which can cause deaths to large number of people. Shock waves are also produced due to the explosion of chemical bombs.

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