Environment – Pollution

 The term pollution refers to the contamination of the environment- air, water and land- with harmful wasters resulted from human activities. Environmental pollution has become a major world wide problem. It has badly affected the whole biosphere.

Pollution has been caused by man. Man has been polluting the air with smoke and poisonous gases; rivers, lakes and oceans with sewage and harmful chemicals. During loading and unloading of crude petroleum in huge tankers million of tons of oil spill sin the oceans adversely affecting the aquatic life. You can observe the dead bodies of birds and fishes near sea shores or floating on the water.
Industries cause air pollution
 Increasing human population of the world and industrialization are the major causes of environmental pollution. The jungles have bee shaved off to accommodate the increasing population. This has considerably reduced the vegetation and forest cover over land. During the lost 50 years industries have multiplied manifold. The harmful chemical discharges of factories are polluting the rivers and oceans. The smoke produced by automobiles is increasing the air pollution and the noise produced by the engines of motor vehicles is aggravation the noise pollution. Modern means of agriculture have increased the use of pesticides which have also added to land and water pollution.
Industries cause water pollution
The marine life in the big lakes like Ari has vanished due to pollution. The sewage water, industrial wastes ad the water from agricultural farms containing extensive amount of fertilizes has filled his lake with too much of phosphates and nitrates. These chemicals have permanently distorted the biological balance of the lake. All the fishes of the lake have died. The water of Ganga and Yamuna Rivers is also becoming badly polluted. The Dal lake of Srinagar is in worse condition because of pollution. Pollution has affected mankind adversely. For the improvement of degradation of biosphere only man is responsible. And protection of flora and fauna also depends on the ways and means adopted by the human beings for their livelihood.

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