Tallest Trees

Pine, spruce, fir, cedars, juniper, cypresses etc. Are the famous coniferous trees. These trees bear unisexual cones. Male and female cones can be formed on the same plant or on different plants. The leaves of all coniferous plants are simple and they remain on the plants through the year. Therefore, these trees are called evergreen trees.

            The tallest trees of the world belong to this group. The red wood trees are considered to be the tallest of the world. These trees are now found only on the coastal regions of California. Their average height exceeds 90 meters and diameter is up to 5 meters. Their age is around 4,000 years. The tallest tree of this group was found in California in 1963. At that time, its tip was dried and its height was 112.10 meters. In 1970, its height was 111.60 meters. The tree is gradually drying up. The world’s tallest tree that is alive and is in good condition is the general Sherman of California, which is 85 meters tall. The trunks stem of these tress are used to build and cover roads.

            Among the flowering plants, eucalyptus regnans with broad leaves is the tallest tree of the world and present in Tasmania. It is 99 meters high.

Heights of some other plants:

Callie grass (5.5 meter)
Saguaro cactus (16 meters)
Tree fern (18 meters)
Bamboo (37 meters)
Giant kelp (60 meters)

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