Poisonous Plants

The flowers and fruits of some plants look very beautiful and attractive but they may be poisonous. A few famous poisonous plants are the following.

            Strychnos nux-vomica is a poisonous plant found in Asian countries. Its fruit is of the size of an orange and it contains five seeds in it. Strychnine poison is prepared form these seeds. This poison stops respiration and causes death.

            The white flowers which flourish on the hemlock plant produce an unpleasant smell. A poison called caniine is obtained from its roots and seeds. This poison paralyses all the organs of the human body and causes death. The great Greek philosopher, Socrates had been given a cup of hemlock to drink as punishment.

            Colchicine poison is obtained from the seeds of meadow saffron plant. This poison is used for the treatment of arthritis.

            Apart from these plants, foxglove, monkshood, poppy, cherry laurel, thorn apple, caper spurge, laburnum, henbane, holly, honey suckle, buckthorn, toadstool, bittersweet, etc. are also famous poisonous plants. Many varieties of mushrooms are also poisonous. Many plants of the subhax group are also poisonous, which produce blisters on the skin coming in contact with it. Ivy is also a poisonous plant and produces allergy in the body.

Hemlock Plant
Honeysuckle Flower

 Holly Plant
Meadow Saffron

Strychnos Nux-Vomica Plant


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