We get Tired

Why do we get tired?
            Most of us feel tried after working all day long. We also feel tried after running, swimming or exercising.

            When we work at a fast speed, our muscles do not get as much oxygen as they need. The glycogen stored in our muscles is transformed into lactic acid through the process of fermentation provide extra energy to the body. The lactic acid reduces the working capacity of the muscles. This state of the body is known as muscle fatigue.
Tired woman
            The lactic acid acts as a poison for the muscles. If we can expel the lactic acid form the muscles by some process, they can again become fit for working.

            As a result of the muscular action, some other substances called fatigue toxins are also produced in the body. These acids and toxins are circulated through the body by the blood, because of which both the body and the brain get tried. Even when we do some mental work, lactic acid and fatigue toxins are produced in the body and we get tired. Scientists have conducted many experiments in this field. A dog was made to work hard. And when it got tired and went to sleep, its blood was transferred into an active dog’s body.

            Guess what happened!

            The active dog also became tired and fell asleep. Similarly, if the blood of an active dog is transfused into the body of a tired dog, it immediately becomes active.

            Fatigue is not only chemical process but is a biological process also. It is a defense mechanism. This warns us to stop working and give test to the body. Fatigue cannot be removed quickly. It is essential to gibe rest to the cells of the body to overcome remove fatigue. It repairs the damaged cells of the body.

            When the body receives proper quantity of oxygen through berating the lactic acid is converted into glycogen and we feel energetic once again. Little rest also removes fatigue is supplied to some extent by our food also. That is why a tired person feels very hungry.

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