Some People Snore during Sleep

Why do some people snore during sleep?
            We must have definitely come across people who snore during sleep. Their mouth remains open and a peculiar sound comes out while breathing.
A woman snoring during the sleep
            Normally, people breathe through nose. But some peoples nose remains blocked due to some reason. And thus they breathe also make a person snore. When we are asleep and breathe through the mouth, the air coming out caused our soft palate tissue at the back and top of our mouth to flutter back and forth. Thus, a strange sound of snoring is produced. Often this vibration also caused cheeks, lips and nostrils to vibrate which produces an even louder sound. When we are awake, the palate remains tight and, therefore, no such sound is produced.

            If we clean our nose and mouth before sleeping, snoring can be controlled to some extent. This increases the possibility of breathing through nose rather than through mouth. If one develops the habit of breathing through nose, the possibility of snoring is greatly reduced.

            Breathing through mouth is harmful for heath. The germs of many diseases can enter directly into the mouth and cause diseases. If we breathe through nose, the hairs present in the nose do not allow these germs to enter into the body. It is, therefore, advisable to develop the habit of breathing through the nose.

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