Intoxicants Affect Our Body

How do intoxicants affect our body?
            Alcohol, wine, cigarettes, bidi, opium, intoxicating hemp ganja and bhang, cocaine or morphine etc. are known as intoxicants. Many people indulge in them for various reasons but they have a number of harmful effects on our health. The uses of these are also considered a social evil.

            People generally consume tobacco in the form of bidi, cigarettes or Hubble bubble hookah. Some people chew it raw. Tobacco contains a powerful poison called nicotine and 26 other poisons. Even though it is contained in extremely minute quantities, they harm our body to great extent. When we smoke, our blood absorbs some of the nicotine. This nicotine excites our nose and throat. This also causes coughing. Smoking increases blood pressure. It accelerates the heartbeat and cases heart ailments. It also affects the body temperature and blood circulation. Recent scientific researches have shown that smoking causes lung cancer too. It has also been proved that smoking shortens the lifespan of people. Moreover, indigestion, peptic ulcer and cancer of the mouth are also among its after effects. What is worse is that nicotine is an addictive substance and those who are used to it find it impossible to give up smoking.

            Use of alcohol in the form of liquor is also very harmful for our heath. Some people carry the wrong impression that drinking makes the body more active. But this is far form the truth. All the physical process gets slowed down when one consumes alcohol. More liquor like whisky, rum or brandy contains a high degree of alcohol. The alcohol has unsuitable effects on our body. As soon as it enters our body and mixes with the blood, it immediately starts influencing some areas of the brain. As a result of this, the individual starts getting intoxicated. His vision gets disturbed. And his thoughts become illogical and he finally becomes senseless.

            Accidents caused by drunken people are very common these days. Statistics show that one cut of every five accidents is caused by people who are drunk. Drinking also reduces the control over muscles. Prolonged drinking causes dangerous diseases of the liver.

            Some people take many types of pills of relieve themselves of pains and mental tensions. These are very dangerous for health. Excessive use of these weakens the memory. Once you develop the habit of taking intoxicants, it becomes very difficult to get ride of them. The use of LSD, brown sugar, opium, ganja, and charas is certainly an invitation to death. These substances adversely affect the body and brain and give birth to crimes in the society. We should, therefore, always avoid using them.

            To deal with these problems many reform organizations have established to treat the patients.

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