What is hypnotism?
            Hypnotism is an art, which can affect the mental state of human beings. The hypnotized person acts according to the directions given by the hypnotist. Man has been practicing hypnotism from ancient times to demonstrate supernatural powers, magic and miracles. Franz A. Mesmer, a doctor from Vienna, was the first person to begin a scientific study of hypnotism. For a long time, it was known as ‘mesmerism’ after the name of the doctor. It was James Braid, a surgeon from Scotland, who used the word hypnotism for the first time in 1840. This word was originated form the Greek word ‘Hypnos’ means ‘state of sleep’.
hypnotized person can be directed to do anything be a hypnotist
            In fact, a hypnotized person appears to be dozing. His brain is in total control of the hypnotist, and he can be directed to do anything according to the instructions given by the hypnotist. Hypnotic power should be used only over those persons who are fully willing and ready to cooperate. No body can be hypnotized against his wishes. The person to be hypnotized is usually asked to sit in a dark room. The hypnotist then repeatedly tells his subject in a very calm voice to relax and sit comfortably.

            Thereafter the subject is asked to concentrate his attention and focus his eyes on some object. When he gazes at that object for a long time, his eyes start getting tired. When this happens, he is asked to close his eyes. The subject is in a state of sleep thereafter. He is at the command of the hypnotist and does whatever he is directed to do.

            A hypnotist can make a person experience himself as blind, deaf or dumb, and even make him shiver. A person under the influence of hypnotism can be made to do things that he would never do in his normal state. When he regains his normal state, he does not remember what he did in the hypnotized state.

            Hypnotism is also used to operate on patients without anesthesia and also help people deal with mental anxieties.

            A person can also induce hypnosis himself; this is called self hypnosis or autohypnosis. Hypnosis is not a game. It can be dangerous when performed by an untrained person.


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