Fuel of our Body

Which substance work as fuel in our body?

Just as an engine needs, fuels like coal, petrol diesel, etc. to run similarly our body also requires fuel which provides us the energy to work with. The substances, which act as fuel or energy for our body, are fats and carbohydrates. The food we consume is burnt with the help of oxygen that we obtain fro breasting and produces these constituents. The energy, which is released in the process, is used to perform all our voluntary protein is required for growth and tissue repair while vitamins and the minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of various body organs.
Nutritious Food
            Just as a machine needs pepper fuel, our body requires nutrients to keep it in proper working condition. The nutrients come from the food we consume. Our body absorbs and utilizes the useful elements form the food we eat, and rejects those that are not needed in the form of waster material. We excrete about 2 kilograms of urine and stools daily. We inhale oxygen when we breathe and carbon dioxide is produced as a waste material. About 400 gram of water is excreted through the process of sweating.

            Human body temperature remains constant between 980 F and 990 F.  There is a wonderful equilibrium between the production and consumption of heat in the body so that the body temperature remains constant. Food is measured in units of energy, called calories.

            Our body is a wonderful machine that works continuously without any break. Even when we are in sleep, many processes such as respiration, digestion, heart beating, etc. go on incessantly. These processes also consume fuel continuously. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet provides the body wit all its energy requirements.

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