Dust Useful to Us

How is dust useful to us?
            Many of us believe that dust is harmful to us but this is only one side of the picture.

            Dust is also useful to us. But before we go through the uses of dust, let us find out what dust is, and how it is formed. Every solid substance is composed of very small particles. When a substance disintegrates, its small particles scatter and they form dust particles.

            For example, if we break a brick into small pieces, it produces small particles in the form of dust. There is a number of ways b which dust is formed. Smoke generated by the burning of coal, wood, petrol, etc. also produces dust. Dead plant and animal matter, sea salt, desert sand, volcanic ash, etc also produce dust particles. These dust particles mix with air, which are carried from one place to another.
Dust particles helps in rainfall
            Thus, particles form the Earth’s surface fly in the air in the form of dust. Did you know that dust helps in rainfall? The water vapor in the clouds condenses on dust particles in the form of water drops. These drops fall to the Earth as rain. The absence of dust particles can hinder rainfall. Like wise, mist, fog, etc. are also formed due to the presence of dust particles in the atmosphere.

            The dust present in the atmosphere scatters sunlight in all possible directions. It is due to this phenomenon that there is light even after sunset for an hour or two. The lovely red color seen at sunrise and sunset is also the result of the dust particles and water vapor present in air.

            We are able to witness the breath taking hues of the sun seen during twilight owing to the scattering of light by dust. Thus the dust particles, which are usually considered harmful by many, are actually indispensable.

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