What is cholesterol?
These days everyone talks about harmful is cholesterol and how important it is to eat a diet with less of this element. What exactly is cholesterol?
            Cholesterol is an organic compound belonging to the steroid family. Occurring either in a free state of as esters of fatty acid in practically all animal tissues. The molecular formula for cholesterol is C27 H46 O in a normal man it is about 0.3% of his average weight. It is the starting material from which the body produces bile acids asteroid hormones and pro-vitamin substance in the body. Our body also uses it to help the digestive system.

            Cholesterol was discovered in 1812. Its name arises from its occurrences in gallstones derived from the Greek. Word Chole-stereos-ol meaning bile-solid. The synthesis of cholesterol occurs in various tissues and organs particularly the brain liver and arteries.

            The increase in its quantity beyond certain level can be harmful for our body. Execs of fats and cholesterol get deposited in the walls of arteries causing blockage and hardness thus obstructing the free flow of blood. This may lead to heart problems. When the arteries get blocked the quantity of blood flowing in them decreases and as a result the oxygen supply to vital parts of our body is also decreased. This condition is medically termed as arteriosclerosis.

            High cholesterol deposits may be trap small blood clots that would normally pass through blood vessels.

            We knew that coronary arteries play a vital role for the proper heart function. They provided oxygen and carry blood to the heart. If a coronary artery gets blocked that particular part of the heart may stop functioning leading o a major heart attack which can even prove fatal.

            Cholesterol in blood can be controlled by a regulated diet. A high concentration of cholesterol is present in the foods of animal’s origin like meat, egg, butter, etc. doctors advise to avoid high cholesterol food by substituting them with unsaturated foods. Like fruits, vegetables, reveals and so on. 

            Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks. There are many other measures that can be taken to maintain the desirable cholesterol level. This includes giving up smoking regular exercises, and avoidance of overeating and fatty substance.