One of our Feet Bigger than the Other

Why is one of our feet bigger than the other?

            You may not believe this but our feet differ in size from each other. Have you even measured or compared one of your feet with the other? What did you notice? If we carefully measure our feet we will observe that the right foot is slightly bigger than the left one. Do you know why it is so?

            The structure of our body is not completely symmetrical. There is a little symmetry between the left and right sides of the body. If we notice carefully, we find the right side of our face is slightly more developed than the left side. The length of the right leg is slightly more than that of the left one. The right hand is slightly bigger than the left one. Our heart is located on the left while the liver on the right. The inner constitution of the body is not in complete symmetry. That is why even the development of bones is slightly a symmetrical. Because of this a symmetrical development, our right foot is slightly bigger then the left foot.
Our right side is slightly more developed than the left side
            The asymmetrical structure of the body affects us in many ways. One of the effects of this is that we are not able to walk in a straight line if we are blind folded. We start moving in circles. This is true of animals also.

            Are you curious about why the right side is slightly more developed than the left one? Though nothing can be said with certainty about this, scientist hold the view that since most of the people use their right limbs more often for any work, their right side gets more developed than the left. 96% of the total population of the world uses right hands more than left ones. Only 4% are left handed. The brain controls the use of the right or the left hand. It is the left part of the brain, which regulates the functioning of the right limbs, and the right part of the brain controls the left limbs of the body. In the world, greater number of people has the left side of their brain more developed than the right one. Hence, the number of right hander’s is also large.