Marine Animals Swim

How fast can marine animals swim?

            The sea is where the first living form evolved and now it abounds with different kinds of living creatures such as fish, tortoise, crocodile, eel, dolphin, whale, etc. do you know with what speed these animals can swim?

Marine Animals Swim at varying speeds

            The sailfish is the fastest swimmer amongst all the aquatic animals and travels at a speed of up to 110 kilometers per hour. Next comes the swordfish that has a maximum speed of 95 kilometers per hour. The tuna and the rainbow trout can swim at a maximum speed of 75 kilometers per hour. The next is the race dolphin that can swim up to speed of 65 kilometers in an hour.

            Besides these, the swimming speed per hour of other aquatic animals are; tarpon, 55 kilometer; shark, 45 kilometer; trout, 35 kilometers; salmon 25 kilometer; eel, whale and pike, 15 kilometer. Cray fish, carp, perch, octopus, etc. swim at a speed of less than 10 kilometers per hour. These are not the normal speeds but the maximum recorded speed of sea animals.