Which is the Birds prey?

            The birds, which feed on other animals, are called the birds of prey. They catch and feed on animals that are usually smaller than them. They may catch their prey anywhere on the ground, in air or in water. But not all birds bother to the flesh of dead animals. Do you know which the birds of prey are?

Eagle, a bird of prey

            The common birds of prey are- buzzards, eagles, falcons, harriers, hawks, kestrels, vultures and woodpeckers. Owls also catch smaller animals and feed on the out they are put in a different category. Most of the birds of prey are brown-colored. They are found in all the continents except Antarctica. They kill they prey with their strong sharp talons, and pluck and tear the flesh with their narrow, hooked beaks. These birds normally swallow huge chunks of food and regurgitate the pellets of indigestible matter.

            The birds of prey attack in two ways. Kestrel hunts by hovering over open ground and then plunging down on its prey before it can escape. Falcon stoops or dives its head first at its prey and catches it in its talons. Eagles are powerful and soaring birds of prey.

            Some eagles hide in a tree and wait for their prey to wander into a clearing. Carrion eaters soar on outstretched wings at considerable heights for hour’s together ad peering down for animals already dead or the ones about to die. In contrast to it the small birds of prey like the sparrow hawk dash at high speed through trees to sprig surprise on a small creature. The birds of prey also kill with their feet. Although some use the beak for the purpose, yet the sharp, curved talons of the feet are the main killing weapons. The rear and inner talons are usually larger than the middle or outer one. These help the birds to exert a strong pincer grip on the prey.

            The birds of prey hunt a variety of animals such as rabbits, hares, grouses, fishes and other smaller birds.