What are the Bites of Some Insects Dangerous?

            There are many kinds of insects that inhabit the earth. Some of these are capable of spreading dangerous diseases through their bites.

            Mosquitoes, tse tse flies, rat fleas, bed bugs, etc. are insects that can spread various diseases through their bites. When these insects bite any sick person and suck the blood, the germs of the disease pass into the bodies of the insects. When these insects bite a healthy person, they pass on to him the germs of that disease along with the saliva through a needle-shaped hollow organ. Before sucking the blood, they inject a small amount of saliva into our body to prevent the blood form clotting. By doing so the germs of the disease enter our body along with the saliva. These germs infect the healthy person and make him sick.

Female Anopheles is the carrier of the malaria parasite

            Malaria is caused by the bite of female anopheles mosquitoes, which, if we exclude wars and accidents, have mainly been responsible, directly or indirectly, for 50% of human deaths since the ancient times. Even today, despite major campaigns to eradicate malaria, the disease afflicts at least 200 million people every year in the world. Disease like the dangerous sleeping sickness is caused due to the bite of tse tse flies. Lice transmit typhoid. The rat fleas carry the germs of plague. Bed bugs cause skin diseases.

            However, there are some other insects that sting but do not spread any disease. Among them are honeybees and wasps. Their sting causes intense pain. The stings of these insects are located pain. The stings of these insects are located at the tail end and are connected to the poison glands. These insects use them as weapons for their self defense. When they bit us, they inject some poisonous substance into our body which causes swelling on the skin, itching and severe pain.