Why do We Get Fever?

            Fever is one of the most common health disorders that afflict humans. Have you give thoughts to why this ailment is so common? The normal body temperature of a healthy person is 98.4 degree Fahrenheit 37 degrees Centigrade. Fever is a condition in which the body temperature raises above the norm. It is common symptom of some disease.

A Man is in Fever Condition

            The heat energy produced by the chemical reactions taking place inside the body is controlled by brain and skin. As long as there is no disease or malfunctioning in the body, the temperature remains at 98.4 degree Fahrenheit. When germs of any specific disease attack the body, certain reactions take place in the body cells. As a result, the centers controlling the body temperature are affected and, the body temperature starts rising. This rise in temperature is called fever. The first signs of fever are chills, loss of appetite and a feeling of weakness. The body temperature is measured with the help of clinical thermometer.

            Fever is a body mechanism that helps us in destroying the germs of diseases. During fever, some of the body organs start working fast and some physiological processes get accelerated. The rate of production of hormones, enzymes and blood cells increases considerably. These hormones, enzymes and blood cells start fighting the germs, causing the body temperature to rise. During fever, blood circulation and respiration become faster. Both these processes help the body in getting rid of the poisonous germs present inside. Fever is often the symptoms of infection.

            Persistence of any fever for a long period is not good. During fever, the internal parts get heated and there is deficiency of water causing the contraction of the capillaries of blood and urinary tract. Protein accumulated in the body gets depleted. Disorder sets in the brain due to high temperature. It is, therefore, a big mistake to ignore fever and wait for it to pass. Though fever is a physiological activity aimed at fighting any disease, it is absolutely essential to seek immediate medical help once you get it.