What is Plastic Surgery?

            Plastic surgery is branch of surgery devoted to restorations, repair and correction of malformations of tissues. No plastics are used; it simply means to mould or shape the tissues through surgery. It concerns not only return of function of the organ. The field of plastic surgery has several sub-divisions such as cosmetic surgery, management of congenital defects, burns, wound and other acquired defects. Sometimes, the upper lip of a child is slit since birth, a condition known as hare lip. It can be repaired with the help of plastic surgery.

A Human Hands Plastic Surgery Before and After

            Cosmetic surgery deals with improving the appearance of tissues or organs such as the nose, face, eyes or breasts. The most common types of cosmetic surgery are face lift to remove wrinkles from the face and neck, and rhinoplasty, to change the shape of the nose.

            Plastic surgeons treat physical defects that exist since birth congenital defects or are caused b injury or disease. Often the body part that is defective or damaged does not work normally. In such cases, the surgeon does reconstructive plastic surgery. This often requires grafting. In grafting, skin, muscle, bone or cartilage is transplanted from a healthy part of the body to the injured or damaged part. Sometimes, reconstructive surgery involves reattaching severed limbs, rebuilding damaged tissues, restoring damage blood vessels and nerves. Plastic surgeons are available in almost all the hospitals and private nursing homes.

            Plastic surgery has been practiced for thousands of years in china and India. Chinese and Indian doctors have been reshaping noses and lips since ancient times.