What is an Electronic Mail?

            Electronic mail is a modern method of instant delivery of mail without the involvement of a postman or post office. In this system of mailing messages are sent with the help of a computer.

The Network by which E-Mails are sent

            In electronic mail system, a letter or a document is typed and edited on a computer. It is then set to the addressee through a computer network in the form of electrical data. The receiver could be anywhere, but he should also have a computer and an electronic mail system, the contents of the transmitted letters or documents get displayed on the computer screen of the addressee.

            If the addressee is not available at his computer, the message is automatically stored in the computer’s memory. When he returns, the computer gives an indication that a mail has arrived. If he desires, he can get a printout of the message.

            With the help of an electronic mail system, both typed and handwritten messages can be transmitted. Electronic mail is swift and saves time and paper work. It needs a telephone or a satellite, or a cable links for visual, voice and data transmission. This system is prevalent in developed countries but spreading fast throughout the world. E- Mail is widely sued in internet services. It is also connected to mobiles, laptops and palmtops.