What Causes People to Faint?

            We often see that people faint on receiving some tragic news or on getting frightened suddenly. The body gets drenched in sweat and becomes cold. The face turns pale and physical consciousness decreases.

            Unconsciousness is a factor that has puzzled men for a long time.

            Unconsciousness can be caused not only by a shocking new or terrible fear, but by many other factors also. People may faint because of confinement in a closed and poorly ventilated room, hunger, fatigue, severe pain, emotional shock, some heart problem, and sudden fall in blood sugar. Have you wondered why people become unconscious under these conditions?

Treatment to Unconscious Man

            In order to be aware of the reasons of fainting, it is essential to know what consciousness is. For the normal functioning of the brain, it is essential that there should be proper circulation of blood in the brain. As log as the brain gets its proper supply of blood, all our physical activities remain normal. The normal functioning of the brain is, in fact, consciousness. If there is some obstruction in the blood supply to the brain, our physical processes get disturbed. Whatever may be the cause of fainting, man will become unconscious when the normal supply of blood of the brain is disrupted. Hence fainting or syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness resulting form insufficient supply of blood to the brain.

            The following measures can prevent the state of unconsciousness. If somebody feels that he is about to faint, he should immediately lie down. If this is not possible, he should bend downwards and enclose his head in between the knees. Both these measures enhance the blood supply to the brain. As long as the brain receives a proper supply of blood, a person’s chances of becoming unconscious are greatly reduced.

            If somebody has become unconscious, he should be laid down and his clothes should be loosened so that he can breathe easily. His head should be kept at a little lower level than the rest of his body. This will increase the blood supply to his brain and he will regain consciousness. Once he is conscious, he should be given tea or coffee. If somebody has fainted because of head injury or heat stroke, he should be taken to hospital immediately.