The World’s Hottest and Coldest Places

Where are the world’s hottest and coldest places?

            The Sahara desert in Libya is the hottest place in the world. The highest temperature was recorded in September 1922, and it was 58 degree centigrade. Death valley, California, in the USA, recorded its highest temperature of 56.7 degree centigrade in July 1913.
World’s Hottest Place Sahara Desert
World’s Coolest Place  Antarctica

            The highest temperature recorded in the Sahara desert is due to long periods of sunshine. In eastern Sahara, 4300 hours of sunshine has been recorded in a year- an average of 11 hours 47 minutes per day. This long period of sustained heat raises the temperature to a very high level.

            The death valley of California, where temperatures up to 50 degree centigrade are very common; this area also being a desert.

            Antarctica is the coldest place in the world. In July 1983, Russian scientists measured a very low temperature of -89.2 degree centigrade at Vostok, the Russian research station in Antarctic. In Siberia, the lowest temperature was -68 degree centigrade recorded in 1892.