What Protects our Eyes?

            Eyes are the most delicate organs used for seeing and need protection. There are many parts that protect the eyes, like the eyelids, eyelashes, eye brown and eye tears. Tears kill germs that invade the eyes.

Human Eyes

            The eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows protect the eyes form dust and other harmful objects. Eyelashes form rows of stiff hairs around each eye.

            Our eyelids have muscles by which eyes can be closed. The eyelid muscles help to close our eyes by reflex action and help to protect them form dust particles and bright light.

            Any dust or dirt that gets lodged in our eyes is wiped aside to the comer of our eyes when we drink, helped by few drops of tears form the lachrymose ducts that secrete tears.

            The eyebrows forms two long patches of protective hairs above our eyes. They help to trap sweat tricking down form the forehead, while the bony bulge of the brows saves the eyes form impact with any large objects that come too close to our eyes.

            These three natural mechanisms protect our eyes.