What Causes Baldness?

            Over the ages, many theories have been put forward about baldness. Some people say that baldness is the indication of the arrival of old age while some believe that bald men are intelligent. Baldness is also considered as a sign of wealth and prosperity. Many people think that bald men are fools. Whatever may be the truth about baldness, it is generally felt that when a man loses his hair, he is deprived of his natural personality. Curiously, many women feel it adds to man’s charm.

Baldness Before and After

            Baldness or alopecia is categorized into two types- permanent and temporary. The three major factors causing baldness and heredity, age and male sex hormone androgens production. Other causes of permanent baldness are scar producing skin disease, injuries; sever nervous shock, inborn lack of hair development and injury to hair growing centers caused by chemical or physical agents such as fire or acid. Disease of the scalp is one important cause of baldness.

            Temporary baldness may take place due to high fever, typhoid, pneumonia, influenza, chemotherapy, etc. hair can also start falling due to weakness. Baldness caused by disease or weakness can be cured by nutritious diets and tonics. X-rays, ingestion of toxic metals and drugs, malnutrition, skin diseases and hormonal disorders are some other causes of temporary baldness.

            Baldness can be controlled to some extent by making proper care of the hair and having a balanced diet. No successful drug or therapy has yet been developed to treat baldness. Doctors say it is unwise to waste money on advertised patent medicines or so-called cures for baldness!