The Wettest and Driest Places on Earth

Where are the wettest and driest places on earth?

            Have you ever wondered which the wettest and driest places on earth are?  Did you know that Cherrapunji, in India, holds the recorded for the highest rainfall in one month- 929.9 centimeters in July 1861? It also holds the highest rainfall recorded in a year-2646.1 centimeters, in 1861. Hawaii has the record of the maximum number of rainy days- 350 a year. It also has the highest average annual rainfall.

Earth’s Wettest Place Cherrapunji
Earth’s Driest PlaceThe Atacama Desert

            Cherrpunji clings to a hillside in Assam. It has dense rainforests. The Hawaiian mountains are in north-east of the earth. The average annual rainfall there is 1145.5 centimeters.

            Let us now see which place gets the least rainfall in the world. The driest place on earth is Atacama Desert in northern Chile. Here, the first rain in 400 years falls in 1971.

            The Atacama Desert is exceptionally dry. Sahara has an average rainfall of 2.8 centimeters a year, while Arabian Desert has 8.1 centimeters a year.