How is Sunlight Beneficial for Us?

            Sunlight has many beneficial effects on human beings and life in general. But now it has bee scientifically prove that sunlight also as medicinal values that helps in the prevention, cure and treatment of many diseases.

A Man taking sunbath on a beach

            Sunlight destroys certain fungi and Bactria that may settle on our skin and cause diseases. Secondly, it acts as a protective agent by further activating the white blood cells. The white blood cells defend the body form the attack of disease-causing germs, thus sunlight helps us to develop a greater resistance to fight diseases.

            There is a substance in the skin called ergo sterol that is transformed into vitamin D by the ultraviolet rays coming form the sun. This vitamin is very useful for bones, particularly, in disease like rickets.

            Exposure to the rays of the sun is just like swallowing a teaspoonful of medicine every five minutes. But it is important to remember that this medicine is by no means harmless.

            We have to be just as careful about sunbathing, as we would have to be bout taking medicine. Sunbathing raises the blood pressure, so people who have heart trouble or certain lung diseases run the risk of physical harm by excessive exposure to the sun. In fact, we should expose ourselves to sunlight only in phases. For instance, while sunbathing, the best thing is to begin b exposing one-fifth of the body for about five minutes. The next day, expose another one-fifth of the body for an extra five minutes, and so on.

            In this way, one can get all the benefits of sunlight without taking any undue risk.