How is Baby Born?

            After the menstrual cycle is over, during the first two weeks and egg develops in an ovary and is released in to the womb. If during this period, man and woman perform intercourse, the egg gets fertilized. The fertilized egg begins to grow into a baby.

The Mother's Womb

            After an egg is fertilized, the development takes place at a fast rate and it quickly develops into an embryo. The mother’s body keeps the developing embryo supplied with food and oxygen. The major organs of the embryo, such as heart and brain appear soon. After about six weeks, the limbs, eyes and ears develop.

            After eight weeks, the baby now called a fetus has almost all its organs and tissue, including its nervous system, muscles and skeleton. During the next seven months, the embryo continues to grow as a baby and is ready to be born after nine months in the womb (uterus).

            When a baby is ready to be born, the mother begins to experience labor pains, i.e., painful contractions of the uterus. The uterus muscles push the baby downwards and the neck of the womb starts to open. Eventually, the baby emerges out into the world. Normally, it is gently slapped on the buttocks, or it is lowered alternately into basins containing warm and cool water to make it cry; it then starts breathing and the umbilical cord joining it to the other is cut by the doctor.