Video Technology

        Video recording is a modern technique in which sound and picture are simultaneously recorded on a tape or disc electronically. Television studio makes use of video to record programmes and feature films. Video films can be purchased from the market and can be taken to hoe to see on one’s own TV set.  Video tape costs less than ordinary films to make domestic movies. It is also very simple to use them. Disk is the latest development but it is different from the tape.

            In 1956, US Ampex Corporation developed the first video recorder. In 1976, Philips Company of Europe manufactured the first video recorder for domestic use. The most popular home video system is VHS (Video Home System). This was developed by JVC in Japan in 1970. In this, a 12.65 mm wide tape is used.

Camera and Recorder

            Video camera converts light and sound into electrical signals. Recorder converts these signals into magnetic pulses and records them on magnetic tape.

Video Cassette Player/Recorder

            Video cassette player again converts the magnetic pulses which are recorded on tape into the original electrical signals. These signals are again converted into original picture and sound in a TV set. Most of the domestic video cassette recorder machines can record as well as play the tapes. You can record TV programmes on these tapes and watch them afterwards.

Video Disc

            Video disc resembles long play record (Audio LPS). You cannot record your own programmes on these discs. They are pre-recorded. A special type of disc player is required to play them.

            Video disks are of two types: one is used like audio player and for the other; a thin laser beam is used. Laser disc is like a silver mirror which shows rainbow color. It is played by laser beam.

            The programmes recorded on video disc are very clear. They can be preserved for a long time. They are also cheaper in comparison to video tape. These are used in the field of education, training and industries. A few video discs can be controlled by the domestic computer also.