Satellite Communications

        Telecommunication messages are not only broadcast through telephone cables but through satellite also. Everyday, thousands of phone calls, tv signals and computer data are transferred from one part of the world to another through satellites. A communication satellite can handle more information than cable and communicate them much faster.

Sending Signals

            Messages are sent to the satellite from any earth station in the form of microwave signals. Microwaves are a type of short radio waves and can travel through space with the speed of light. Signals are sent and received through dish shaped antennas. The messages sent from the earth station are received by the satellite and are retransmitted to the earth. The antennas located on earth receive the messages and send them to the destination. These messages can be for telephone, radio or television.

Using Satellite

            We can use telephone, radio and television messages to any part of the world with the help of communication satellites very easily. Any event can be telecast live from any part of the globe. Now, it is possible to transmit a telephone call which can travel around the globe and can be received at the same point from where it was transmitted with the help of communication satellites.

            Satellites have proved very useful for multinational companies. Different offices in the world can be linked to each other. Office work stations have communications between each other.