The Human Ears

        We not only hear the sound with our ears but they also help us in maintaining the balance of the body. The ear is divided into three compartments -----the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.

          Sounds are vibrations in the air. When a sound is made, its vibrations or sound waves travel all around. These waves strike with the outer ear and reach to the middle ear through a pipe. The ear drum or tympanic membrane is made to vibrate by these sound waves. Just behind the ear drum are three small bones, joined together. They are-------hammer, anvil ad stirrup. The three bones transmit these vibrations to cochlea. Cochlea is filled with a fluid in and contains thousands of the nerve cells. As cochlea vibrates, the fluid also vibrates and the nerve endings get excited. The impulses of the nerve endings are transmitted to the brain by auditory nerve. Brain analyses them and we hear the sound. Our ears can hear both feeble and loud noises. To keep the ears healthy, it is essential to get them cleaned form time to time. 
Inside the Ear