Communication Developed Step by Step

        The word communication means exchange of information. Animals communicate with each other by special sounds. In olden times, man could communicate by shootings or blowing a horn or beatings a drum or flashing a light. Man gradually developed the art of talking and writing and started expressing his complex thoughts and information through language and writing. In the Mughal period, pigeons were used as carriers of messages. In the early 16th century, the postal system had begun. But the riders were used till 1830 for carrying letters and parcels to distant places.

          Communication took a new turn with the development of technology. In 1837, Cooke and Charles of England and Samuel Morse of America developed the electric telegraph. The information was sent I the form of electrical signal or codes through a cables by this instrument. The dots and dashles were used to represent the letters of the alphabets. In 1876 Alexander graham bell invented the telephone by voice over long distance through cables. In 1894, guglielmo Marconi of Italy invented the wireless telegraph by which messages could be sent across a long distance without wire. The efforts of these great scientists made it possible to send or receive messages from a part of the globe within no time.

The electric telegraph led to the development of the telex system while the wireless telegraph gave birth to the radio. Telephone networks have advanced very much. Besides messages, we can also send picture and document by fax.

Radio waves have played an important role in the communication systems. Radio waves are used in radio, telex, and television systems. Very short radio waves or microwaves are used to send messages across sea using satellites.
The development of microelectronics and computers have new dimensions in the field of communications. Computer can control thousands of messages simultaneously without any mistake.

          Books, newspapers, radio, television, cinema, etc. are other well known means of communications. Through these means, we can receive information from any part of the world within no time.
For Distance communication, nowadays communication satellites are used
The Fax machine can send and receive both worlds and pictures
In future everyone have a compact telephone